"Functional Testing"

Our functional testing ensures high quality of developed applications

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is an absolutely necessary process in the software development life cycle, regardless of the nature or size of the project. In order to deliver an efficient and great product, it is crucial to adopt best functional testing procedures.

AnchorQA offers a set of different features of functional testing services employing a wide range of testing techniques that eliminate quality risks and improve cost-efficiencies of software products across a large number of platforms. Our team of dedicated and skilled functional testing experts have extensive experience across various domains.

Our Functional testing services

We at AnchorQA with our multiple Functional testing services ensure our clients that their software application is functionally correct. We starts the services assessing the requirements of the product at requirement phase to identify any uncertainty followed with a clear implementation plan that aligns the testing objectives together with the business goals.

  • Module testing- We perform the component testing to test the functions of various components to ensure the proper functioning of each module. This testing ensures that the each unit is self contained and function properly.
  • Integration testing- After unit testing it is required to check proper functioning of software modules when they are combined. Here we ensures that the behavior of units or modules is as desired when we combines the units.
  • System testing- Here we verifies the functionality of the entire system as according to the specified requirements and conducts a thorough testing of the system.
  • Regression testing- We perform regression tests after the defect fixing by the developer team as it is necessary to ensure that the changes has not affected the existing functionality. Its also need to ensure if the bugs fixed previously continues to remain dead.

Why Choose Us?

We ensure that our clients gets our full support to succeed in achieving perfection with our flexible testing services. Our team of professional testers is always ready for challenging tasks and deliver the best under the strict timelines.

  • We have teams of experts to meet any specific requirement of client.
  • We use Risk driven testing methodology to identify defects at early stage and to have a vast test coverage.
  • Having expertise in JIRA, Redmine and other project management and issue tracking tools.
  • Ensures great quality of the system using tools based techniques.
  • Enhances the productivity to ensure faster ROI for clients.
  • Best practices of project management reduces the cost and time effort.
  • Project are delivered on time.

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