"Automation Testing"

Reduce your test efforts by automating the test cycle our proven testing techniques

Automation Testing

Automation testing using tools has become very important as with rising development of complex applications followed by testing of maintenance and changes with time. The main objective behind automation testing is to resolve any defect in the system before it reaches production. The team uses automation techniques throughout the Software testing life cycle to test faster, increase test accuracy and productivity.

Our Automation Testing Services

  • Suitable tool to test the application are selected.
  • Preparation of test scenarios which are required to be automated.
  • Setting up the Test bed required for automation.
  • Test browser compatibility and system functionality
  • Testing of software on different platforms with various configurations
  • Generation of Automation Test Report
  • Test Script Maintenance

Why Choose Us?

We, at AnchorQA understand the importance of performing intense testing to ensure minimizing the issues and thus, focus on automation testing for efficient use of resources invested in testing. We here at AnchorQA uses the tools and latest techniques to identify any defects in the system functionality. Few of the factors which makes us unique from our counterparts include:

  • Proved experience in automated testing techniques
  • Extreme testing of the application for testing the system thoroughly.
  • We have team of experts with experience in various technologies and tools.
  • High standards for testing to ensure best results from system testing.
  • Deployment of Risk based testing methodology keeping in view the risk involved to ensure best testing results.
  • Comprehensive testing approach fulfill the testing needs of wide range of applications and various methodologies of software development.
  • A well-equipped innovation lab for delivering fast learning curve
  • Assessing framework for the requirements at early stage to identify any uncertainty.

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