Over 6 years of successful experience in Software Testing Services

Company Profile

AnchorQA is an independent software testing services provider company established in 2011. Through these years we have delivered a great number of cost effective and high-quality products across many different industries such as e-commerce, travel and entertainment industry.

Our core competence and our passion is the software testing but we offer a full range of QA services, including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and software development process improvement.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists offer you proven expertise to ensure the quality and reliability of the products we are working on. We utilizes effective use of latest tools and techniques to deliver client's tasks within the specified time and meet the unique business needs of our customers.

As we understand that the needs and desires of our customers are of great importance, we are constantly looking for way to extend our knowledge, increase our skills and experience, and improve the quality of our services.

  • Automation Testing

    Ensure high quality of
    developed application through our testing techniques
    and offerings

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  • Functional Testing

    Minimize your test efforts by automating the test cycle with proven testing techniques and reduce the time to market

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  • Performance Testing

    Enhance your application's end user experience by optimizing the performance with our performance testing services

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  • Load Testing

    Get your application ready for a great performance under unexpected load with our tool based testing services

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  • Regression Testing

    Ensure the consistency of your application with our rages of regression testing services before every version release

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  • E-commerce testing

    Leverage our services to test the usability, performance and security of your e-commerce applications

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  • Localization testing

    Test you interface and content for different languages with
    our experts in localization testing

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  • Application Security testing

    Our Security testing services cater to the need for testing your application for any possible risk and vulnerabilities

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  • Device Compatibility testing

    Ensure the compatibility of your system against the pool of devices and platforms available in the market

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  • Mobile testing

    We offers mobile testing services which ensure that the desired user experience and planned business requirements are delivered by the application.

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  • End to End QA

    We provide end to end testing services to test your application flow form start to finish as designed

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