"Localization testing"

Our experts in localization testing tests you interface and content for different languages

Localization Testing

Launching a localized product not tested for grammatical and functional errors may have negative impact of your application on the users and that can hinders the success of the product in the market.

Localization testing becomes more crucial when you are about to launch the product in the market for real users to see it. This means that the content must be entirely translated into another language and necessary adjustments have been made.

Our Localization Testing Services

The multilingual services that we offer focus on all areas affected by localization, including software functionality, documentation and help files, window/UI design, content messages, and websites.

Our testing services include coverage of each category of problem types that can occur:

  • Linguistic Testing- Detects any possible errors in translation, missing or cut off text and inconsistencies in terminology usage.
  • Cosmetic Testing- Text truncation, line breaking, proper encoding for screen display, accent character spacing, and more.
  • Functional Testing- Compatibility with localized code pages, text input acceptance, menu functionality, string manipulation, etc.

Why Choose Us?

We are specialized in providing on-budget localization testing services that provide the best possible return on investment to the clients.

  • We provide cost effective and quality testing within time that provides client to gain confidence to establish that their products are perfect for localization.
  • We ensure that sure even the minute possible functional details are overcome making the application foolproof.
  • Our team of expert professionals, automation resources and well organized QA process contribute to overall quality of services for both internationalization and localization testing projects.

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