"Application Security testing"

Our Security testing services cater to the need for testing your application for any possible risk and vulnerabilities

Application Security Testing

Security is most crucial specification to be considered while developing a software or application when looks towards confidentiality of data and other digital materials shared through web applications.

Security testing services becomes very crucial as they can disclose several security issues which do not become clearly visible during the source code review. We ensure that our testing covers all the security loopholes and identify any weaknesses owing to which your software can get impacted by a malware, hacking or phishing attack.

AnchorQA offers top-quality software security testing, mobile app and web app security testing services to its global clientele. We help our clients optimize the software and app quality by driving results through specialized testing.

Our Security Testing Services

We ensure comprehensive security testing for web application, mobile applications, and software by identifying all the security issues and potential vulnerabilities while confirming the depth, impact and deviation from the set standards. Our end-to-end security testing services for the web applications, mobile app and software vulnerability assessment subsume:

  • Information Gathering
  • Business Logic Testing
  • Web Services Testing
  • Data Validation Testing
  • Authorization and Authentication Testing
  • Configuration Management Testing
  • AJAX Testing
  • Denial of Services Testing
  • Session Management Testing

Why Choose Us?

  • We have clients across the globe having trust on us.
  • We believes in maintaining confidentiality of information and data of the client.
  • Reduces the severity of the risks.
  • Ensure the level of quality improves
  • Meet regulatory requirements & avoid fines
  • Preserve corporate image & customer loyalty

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