"E-commerce testing"

Leverage our services to test the usability, performance and security of your e-commerce applications

E-commerce Testing

The unprecedented growth in e-Commerce and how it has changed from transnational shopping to include persona targeting, advanced analytics, loyalty and branding has resulted in a surge in the number of players vying for their share of the market.

E-Commerce verification and validation is crucial as the technical complexities of a website increases through a variety of browsers, operating systems, processors, third-party plug-ins (payment gateways etc.) and mobile gadgets makes testing a challenging proposition.

Our E-commerce Testing Services

  • Website Testing to end-to-end functional Testing
  • UI and User interface Testing
  • Order management Testing
  • Testing of performance of page rendering and transaction
  • Payment engine integration Testing
  • Security and Penetration Testing
  • Compatibility and Usability Testing

Why Choose Us?

Benefits partnering with AnchorQA for your e-Commerce testing needs:

  • We have toolkits and checklists to perform automated UI validation across OEMs, Browsers and OS.
  • We follow script once and executes everywhere to test on numerous devices, browsers, O/S platforms and Payment Systems
  • Ensures better performance on days of special offers or sale.
  • Improving application performance on special occasions sale and product launches.
  • We help you identify performance bottlenecks & perform corrective and preventive actions.
  • We add significant contribution to the QA process by adopting best testing methodologies.
  • Our expertise in the open source tool, make us more confident in beating price competitiveness.

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