"Mobile testing"


Mobile Testing

Today with the extensive choice of mobile websites and applications, customers can easily shift to the alternative mobile application on encountering any device incompatibility issues, under performance, functional defects or poor user experience. Mobile testing is now very crucial so as to have user friendly, engaging user experience across different devices, models, networks, operating systems, browsers and locations.

AnchorQA offers its clients the best mobile website and mobile application testing services to ensure that they deliver their customers the desired user experience with the planned business value through a flawless and immaculate mobile solution.

We, at AnchorQA ensure that we provide our clients with the detailed reports about the performance and evaluation of every vital component of the mobile app or website by deploying the most advanced testing tools and test cases.

Our Mobile Testing Services

We possess a proven track record of serving our clients with the best mobile testing services while helping them to ideally implement their vision in their mobile solutions. We offer a broad array of Mobile Testing Services including:

  • Mobile App Performance Testing
  • Mobile Functional Testing
  • Mobile User Experience Testing
  • Mobile Compatibility Testing
  • Mobile Localization Testing
  • Mobile Security and System Integration Testing
  • Mobile Test Automation -Using Appium, Robotium and Selendroid
  • Mobile Infrastructure and Hardware Performance Testing
  • Mobile Web Site Testing

Why Choose Us?

  • With our mobile testing services we provide clients an opportunity to ensure an unsurpassed quality user experience while making sure that their mobile app or website functions, as required without any functionality errors.
  • Our team of professionals thoroughly test mobile website and mobile apps to ensure that the system meet the end user requirements as expected and delivers a pleasing experience.
  • Our professional mobile testers involved in end-to-end testing of the system and its functionality from the requirement phase to the completion of the project development.
  • We also offer automated test cases to save time and effort on testing whilst helping the clients with faster time to market.

Contact us, To know more about our services and to share your testing requirements.