"Device Compatibility testing "

Ensure the compatibility of your system against the pool of devices and platforms available in the market

Device Compatibility Testing

Compatibility is now very crucial for the survival and retaining your customer base. With the steady development in technology and continuous updations in hardware/ software platforms in the market, there is an imminent need to test applications on each of these environments. Our team of professional consists of testers who conduct compatibility testing (Manual & Automation) on a daily basis for our customers across various industry verticals.

Our Compatibility Testing Services

AnchorQA provides a comprehensive range of compatibility testing services. We can customize the tests according to the needs of our clients. The tests offered include compatibility testing for the following:

  • Hardware
  • Operating Systems such as Windows, Android, iOS
  • Database
  • Network
  • Browser (User Experience Testing) e.g. Chrome, IE, Safari, Mozilla
  • Devices -laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet
  • Bandwidth Handling Capacity
  • Versions: There are two kinds: Forwards and Backward Compatibility Testing.
  • Certification Testing: Compatibility for a specific operating system or database.

Why Choose Us?

There are a number of advantages that are lucrative enough to hire our compatibility services. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • We helps you have more improved product
  • Our focus is on enhanced user satisfaction
  • Improved sale figures
  • We service helps client reduce testing cost
  • Client’s reputation boosts with quality product.

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