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Client profile

Our client is an eTravel expert that helps end-users book hotel stays and other value-added travel services. The client is currently catering wide range of customers domestic and overseas


The client already has few APIs integrated to provide users to book hotels from their website. They required two new API certifications for expanding its customer base by providing hotel booking service across the globe. That required a lot of interface changes to meet API demand to get certificate. Our team was required to plan the interface changes in the system as per the API specs and validating the API response implementation on user interface. As the system need to be changed for the co-existence of all APIs thus the existing test cases were necessary to update for the new system testing.


With the new API implementation the system need end to end (both GUI and API) as well as the performance testing.

Our approach

  • Our team held sessions with client team to understand the business flow.
  • We analysed the API specs thoroughly and create requirement specification documents for the implementation required on interface and functionality.
  • Create test scenarios from the requirements specifications.
  • Update the existing test cases to cover the test scenarios for the requirements.
  • Team held routine communication with the client’s team for the latest developments.
  • Perform testing cycles to verify the functionality updations in the system.
  • Validate the requests and response XMLs of the API and their implementation at the UI level.
  • Identify, report the defects to client's defect tracking system and track until the closure.
  • Identified and reports team for unnecessary API calls thus improving earlier implementations also.

Benefits delivered:

  • Client attained the certification for the new APIs with the deadline.
  • Number of pre-existing issues in the system identified and resolved.
  • Improved User Interface and functionality for the website.
  • Client’s user base increased with improved interface.
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