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Client profile

Our client is a leader in the Swedish entertainment industry with several years of working in the media and entertainment business, and have a long experience of all kinds of contracts and agreements that may occur in their clients work. They represent the most competent actors with experience from hundreds of film projects ranging from commercials to feature films.


Our client want end to end testing simultaneously with the agile development process of the varying requirements as they have limited time for testing before launch of the website. Also after the launch the website was intended to be used by real users with minimal guidance from client.


To perform End to End testing for web based booking platform which include UI testing, functional testing, performance testing and payment gateway testing.

Our approach

  • The QA team actively participated in meetings to define the main business flow.
  • Created a clear plan on testing objectives, deliverable, release criteria, and timelines with respect to each milestones.
  • Thorough study of requirements to perform the testing and done static testing of documents to find early defects.
  • Prepared test case according to the real scenarios in accordance with the metadata as well as tracing requirements matrix.
  • Follow up client’s team for the modifications in the requirements.
  • Updated existing test cases as per the enhancements.
  • Performed smoke tests for critical functionalities on the early build of the software.
  • Saved time by performing parallel execution across platforms for functional testing.
  • Performed testing on all the interfaces, interconnected subsystems back end to ensure proper flow of data.
  • Reported and tracked bugs until closure.
  • Suggested the priority of testing tasks for application modules and followed through the automated regression cycle.
  • Ensure the stability of the product before every release.
  • Tested the third party payment gateway to ensure quality.
  • Perform Sanity test in customer’s workflow setting up customer’s environment.
  • Created test data for client to perform Customer acceptance testing.

Benefits delivered:

  • Client gain confidence in the application and was able to deliver by the announced date.
  • Improved planning, early and parallel testing gives high quality product.
  • Reduction in post deployment bugs.
  • End user find UI easy and self explanatory to use.
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