"Non-Functional Testing"

Ensure compatibility,usability and scalability aspects of your application with our non-functional services.

Non-Functional Testing

The quality assurance of a software product can be considered completed only if it passes both the functional and non-functional tests. Quality and reliability are the two most important factors to gain customer's trust and business reputation, so it is very crucial to choose your testing partner having knowledge maturity and experience to perform functional and non-functional testing of products covering a wide range of domains.

We at AnchorQA are software testing experts and have experience in delivering various projects successfully using a variety of tool sets and technologies. We helps to reduce end user dissatisfaction and potential production time risks that results from quality issues, security gaps or poor performance with our non-functional testing services. With our vast experience we can help you in underlying non-functional issues that could prove costly to fix after the release of the application.

Our Non-Functional Testing Services

  • Performance testing: We offer performance testing solutions for various applications and have expertise in monitoring of systems, performance management and conduct test as per defined norms.
  • Load testing: With our Load testing services our team tests the system by consistently increasing the load on it till it reaches the optimum limit in order to test the durability of the system.
  • Compatibility testing: End users can use the application on different devices, platforms or web browsers, so it is important that the applications are compatible with these. we test whether the application is compatible with different environments as per end user's expectations.
  • Security testing: At AnchorQA, we constantly remain updated about the latest security threats and areas of vulnerabilities. Our testing experts have sound knowledge in authentication and authorization testing, network penetration testing, security code review etc.
  • Localization testing: This process helps to validate whether the software can be used in a specific location or country. It allows checking the local version of the product for the functionality with different language setting.

Why Choose Us?

Our professional use realistic scenarios to create test suites to test the application performance and identify any system bottleneck in the performance. With us you can enjoy benefits that include:

  • We have strong experience in non-functional testing
  • We provide the client option to choose business models suitable for their requirements.
  • We have experience in various tools like Apache Jmeter, HP Load Runner, HP Performance Center etc.
  • We believe in providing quality services and smart solutions.
  • We delivers projects on time under the strict deadlines.
  • Reduced expenditure by early detection of defects

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